Developing a Strong Core

Author, Ryan J. Shields

It is critical to your success to have strong core abdominal and back muscles.  Your midsection is the connection between your upper and lower body and is utilized in virtually everything we physically do. The functionality of having this area well-developed can help you to literally support the weight that physical transformation requires.

Additionally, many people would like to have visible abs or to be able to see some definition.  People often wonder how they can get abs, a six-pack or a toned stomach area.  The truth is that everyone has abs.  Literally, the abdominal muscles are there but they may be hidden underneath a layer of fat or not properly toned.

With a combination of a proper diet and a sound exercise routine, a person’s abs will inevitably become stronger and more defined.  However, I cannot understate how important a proper diet is to the equation of getting and staying lean. 

Additionally, sometimes people think that they can “spot-tone” their midsection in order to have good abs.  However, they fail to understand that body fat does not disappear from just one area of the body at a given time.  When a person’s overall body fat level reaches a certain percentage, then their abs will become visable because body fat is being utilized from all over their entire body.

For good results, abdominal muscles should be targeted on workout days for around 10 minutes.  This can be done within your workout if the exercises work your core or they can be worked separately utilizing isolation exercises.  Personally, I prefer to train them at the end of my normal workout routine after performing my regular exercises.

To ensure optimal development, be sure to do a wide variety of exercise movements that target the upper, lower and outside of the abdominal region.  This can include body weight or weighted/resistance exercises that work the abs.

With virtually all abdominal exercises, you get the best results by utilizing good form and full range of movement.  In order to efficiently train your abs, you need to get your upper body and lower body to compress from different angles.  The act of compressing these two areas is what strengthens the core muscles and gives them definition.

If you really want to take your midsection to a very high level, do 10 consistent minutes of ab work almost every day.  This core muscle group can take a lot of stress so there is no need to be concerned about over-training.

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