Make Fit Happen Receives 5-Star Award!

Make Fit Happen was recently reviewed by Readers’ Favorite and awarded the coveted 5-Star Award for quality. Below is the review from their representative:

Make Fit Happen: How to Lose Weight, Improve Your Fitness and Stay Motivated For Life, by Ryan J. Shields handles the relevant topic of staying fit, and is a useful tool to all those who want to achieve a proper mindset, which is important for consistently reaching goals in life. The unique and proven goal-setting strategies in the book will help one achieve a healthier body, along with pride and confidence, and an incredible feeling of empowerment. It is a book for all those who want to improve their current fitness level and situation, and want to utilize the smartest and most efficient strategies.

The author emphasizes having a proper mindset, which is important to overcome obstacles and sustain progress in life. The suggestions and tips are simple to practice and the author handles the topic methodically to make it easier for readers to understand. The book is encouraging and uplifting and will help readers organize their habits so that results are produced fast. The book will help readers to evaluate their goals and see where they have to make the necessary changes to make their goals happen quickly. Books like this will inspire and motivate readers to change their perspective on life and living in a good way. The author’s writing style is neat and elegant, making it easy for readers to incorporate his ideas into their lifestyle.”

Learn more about the book by going to or clicking here.

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